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You may have noticed that we have a new logo, one that sets a new tone for our organization. The logo has four different forms of lettering, providing us a constant reminder that we are a Movement made up of diverse, innovative providers where no one size, or font, will ever fit for all.

Members asked us to communicate even more effectively on behalf of charter schools because you said that parents, the general public and policy makers need to better understand what charter schools are and should be sensitive to the advocacy issues that hold charter schools back. In response, we have taken several steps, including the overhaul of the CCSA website into an enhanced tool of communication.

And you can see here, we're not just setting up a website to poise CCSA to be even more effective in the future. We believe we're providing a glimpse of what the future of public education looks like for all of California's children. We want to share that vision with all of our audiences, and plan to do so in a number of ways, including the launch of new publications for members and for the community.

We want to know what you think of the new site. Email us to share your feedback, and keep coming back to ccsa.org through the summer as we add and enhance content and functionality.

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