High Tech High Graduate School of Education

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The challenge: Prepare leaders to develop rigorous learning environments

Since September 2007, the High Tech High Graduate School of Education (HTH GSE) has been operating, with the goal of "preparing reflective practitioner leaders to work with colleagues and communities to develop innovative, authentic, and rigorous learning environments."

The solution: Offer innovative programs for school leaders and teachers

HTH GSE offers a Master's of Education degree with concentrations in School Leadership and Teacher Leadership. The School Leadership concentration is for individuals who wish to lead a small innovative school, while the Teacher Leadership concentration is for experienced teachers who aspire to deepen their practice and broaden their leadership capacity at their school.

After completing their first year coursework, students return to their schools of employment to conduct their Master's thesis projects with the support of their GSE advisor. They then present their Master's project at the HTH Summer Institute. Educators beyond the High Tech High network and San Diego area are welcome and encouraged to apply to HTH GSE.

The result: A powerful group of learners working towards the same mission

With a graduate school of education embedded within its K-12 schools, the entire High Tech High community is a powerful group of learners all working towards the same mission: to prepare K-12 students for postsecondary success and thoughtful citizenship. HTH GSE students learn and work alongside HTH teachers, administrators and students. They learn as the best teachers do--from their students and each other--by examining what works and what does not, by inviting feedback, and by assessing their own effectiveness in terms of student outcomes. As a community of learners, HTH serves as a laboratory of teaching and learning for all its members.

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