Regional Charter Leader Meetings

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Regional Charter Leader Meetings provide an opportunity to:

  • discuss how we can best support your schools
  • talk about your unique regional needs
  • network with other charter leaders across your region.

Topics covered in the past include equitable facilities, academic accountability and school performance, policy engagement, special education, renewals support and more.

Regional Charter Leader Meetings are offered in the Fall and Spring, and at the CCSA Annual Conference. Click the links below to register today for your local regional meeting!

What can I expect at my regional meeting?

  • Discuss current and future issues that will impact the success of your school operations
  • Connect with your local CCSA contact and other leaders in your region to share best practices
  • Share success stories happening within your school(s)
  • Identify ways that CCSA can further engage with and support your efforts
  • Share your goals and priorities for the 2015-16 school year

Register For Your Local Meeting

Northeast and Central Valley

Southern California

Bay Area

Greater Los Angeles

Details are subject to change. Reminders and updates about location and agenda will be communicated in the Weekly Member Digest and through the online event registration portal.

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