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Other CDE resources include:
Active Shooter
Information and resources for dealing with active shooters
Information and resources for dealing with bio-terrorism threats
Coping with Tragedy
Helpful resources to assist schools in helping students to cope with tragic events
Crisis Planning and Response
Helpful resources to assist school districts with the ongoing concerns of the mental health aspects of crisis planning and crisis response.
Crisis Response Box
A guide to help every school assemble the tools and resources needed for a critical incident response.

The California School Board Association's School Safety web page references links to the guidebook, "Safe Schools: Strategies for Governing Boards to Ensure Student Success." This guidebook includes resources that can assist governance teams as they establish the organizational structures necessary to enhance school safety, including:

  • Sample questions to facilitate a board's discussion on school safety
  • Sample board policies and administrative regulations
  • Tips on building a comprehensive school safety plan and a sample plan
  • Tips and best practices for communicating with the public during a crisis
  • Measures that schools can take to improve security of school sites

The School Violence section of the Department of Homeland Security has the following resources available:

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