AB 2806

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Requires Transparency of LAUSD Office of the Inspector General


  • Current law creates the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the Los Angeles Unified School District, a unique entity that was established in 1999 to detect and prevent waste, fraud and abuse. Recently, LAUSD broadened the OIG's responsibilities to include assisting LAUSD in oversight of its charter schools.
  • The problem is that the OIG's most recent participation in charter school oversight has been heavy-handed and lacking in transparency. The Bureau of State Audits, in an audit of the LAUSD and a charter school in this situation, concluded that the OIG's participation lacked transparency and the OIG failed to share with LAUSD all of the "information necessary to make the best decision regarding [the schools'] future."
  • This bill seeks to align the OIG law with the Charter Schools Act by requiring full transparency of all investigation or audit findings that a district board may use to oversee or evaluate a charter school for purposes of renewal, revocation, or other corrective action. The bill would provide an opportunity for schools to respond to findings and to cure any violations. Additionally, the bill would require the OIG to abide by Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.

Impact on Charter Schools

  • This would help all charter schools within LAUSD by requiring full transparency of the OIG's audits and investigations.

CCSA Action & What You Can Do

  • Your support of AB 2806 is crucial, and we urge you to send in a letter of support to the Assembly Education committee.
    • Please place the content of this draft AB 2806 support letter on your school letterhead, sign it, and fax it immediately to the Assembly Education Committee office at 916-319-2187.
    • Also, please e-mail a copy of your letter to governmentaffairs@ccsa.org.
    • The deadline to fax letters to the Assembly Education Committee is Wednesday, March 30 at 5:00 pm.

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