AB 913: Oppose

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Imposes New Conflict of Interest Requirements for Charter Schools


  • Requires charter schools to comply with open meeting requirements, the Public Records Act, the Political Reform Act, Government Code 1090 (with certain exceptions), and other provisions.

Impact on Charter Schools

  • The changes in AB 913 cut to the heart of traditional charter school governance and contradict longstanding charter law offering autonomy and opportunities for different operating structures than districts.
  • The author claims AB 913 will ensure that charter school teachers continue to be eligible for CalSTRS, but charter school teachers are not at risk of losing their eligibility for CalSTRS. More than a year ago, the IRS issued an early draft of possible regulations that made incorrect assumptions about charter schools and its employees - since then, the IRS received substantial public comment from charter schools on that draft and has been completely silent on the issue.

CCSA Action & What You Can Do

  • CCSA opposes this bill and is advocating against it in Sacramento
  • Take action today and ask the Senate Education Committee to Oppose AB913
  • Call your legislators and let them know you're opposed to this attack on charter school autonomy

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