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Changes Petition Signature Requirements


  • Current law requires the signatures of parents or teachers when submitting a charter school petition, either for a new charter school or the conversion of an existing school, as a way of demonstrating support for the school.
  • This bill requires that, if you're submitting teacher (certificated) signatures, you instead submit signatures of at least one-half of the total (certificated and classified) employees you estimate will be employed at the charter school during its first year (or one-half of the employees already employed, if it's a conversion).

Impact on Charter Schools

  • Creates a broader pool of employees from which to gather petition signatures.

CCSA Action & What You Can Do

  • CCSA supports this bill, which gives greater flexibility to charter school petitioners when seeking signatures. It also allows more opportunity to bring a broader group of stakeholders into support of the charter school and as a part of the school community.
  • Watch for CCSA's Action Alerts and other calls to action on AB 917.
  • Email your story about how this bill would affect you to governmentaffairs@ccsa.org.

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