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Allows More Charter Public Schools to Access State Funds for Facilities


  • The Legislature has approved AB 948 and the bill is awaiting Governor Brown's signature.
  • Assemblymember Kristin Olsen (R-12, Modesto), Vice-Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, authored legislation sponsored by CCSA to expand eligibility for the SB 740 Charter School Facility Grant Program.
  • The SB 740 program, originally created in 2001, provides facility rent and lease cost reimbursement (75% of actual costs or $750 per student), to schools serving some of the neediest student populations.
  • The bill does the following:
    • Lowers the threshold for eligibility to charter public schools below 70% of students eligible for the Free-Reduced Price Meal (FRPM) program, if there are funds available to do so, down to schools with 60% of students eligible.
    • AB 948 makes other technical changes, like applying the audit guide to the program.

Impact on Charter Schools

  • Facilities continue to be one of the biggest challenges for charter public schools. AB 948 will increase the number of charter schools eligible for this important and needed grant money.
  • Many charter schools spend upwards of 20% of their budget on facilities. AB 948 will help schools spend more money in the classroom instead of on the classroom.

CCSA Action & What You Can Do

  • Complete the AB 948 Action Alert and ask Governor Brown to sign AB 948.
  • Have a facility story to share? Email governmentaffairs@ccsa.org to tell us how you would benefit from this bill.

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