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Legislative Update as of 8/20/2017

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SB 765   (Wiener D) Sponsor
School facilities: surplus real property: charter schools.
Location: 7/21/2017 - A .  2 YEAR
Bill Text
The Charter Schools Act of 1992 provides for the establishment and operation of charter schools and provides that a charter school may operate as, or be operated by, a nonprofit public benefit corporation. Under current law, a charter school that is unable to locate within the jurisdiction of the chartering school district may, under specified circumstances, establish a site outside of the boundaries of the school district but within the county in which the school district is located. This bill would reinstate the requirement that expired on July 1, 2016, to first provide a written offer to the above-specified charter schools but would exempt from the requirement the governing board of a school district seeking to sell or lease real property it deems to be surplus property intended to be used in accordance with the Teacher Housing Act of 2016.  

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8/20/2017 10:14:32 AM

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