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Legislative Update as of 3/21/2018

  1. Sponsor

AB 2635   (Weber D) Sponsor
Education finance: local control funding formula: supplemental grants: lowest performing pupil subgroup or subgroups.
Location: 3/8/2018 - A .  ED.
Bill Text
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Would, commencing with the 2018–19 fiscal year, adjust the definition of “unduplicated pupils” to include pupils who are included in the lowest performing subgroup or subgroups, as defined, based on the most recently available mathematics or language arts results on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, as specified. The bill would require the Superintendent of Public Instruction to annually identify the lowest performing pupil subgroup or subgroups.  
SB 1216   (Glazer D) Sponsor
Charter schools: reports.
Location: 2/15/2018 - S .  RLS.
Bill Text
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Current law, the Charter Schools Act of 1992, provides for the establishment and operation of charter schools. Current law requires each charter school to annually prepare and submit specified reports to its chartering authority and the county superintendent of schools, except as specified. This bill would make a nonsubstantive change to the latter provision. 

  4. Oppose

AB 3222   (O'Donnell D) Oppose
Public works: prevailing wages.
Location: 3/12/2018 - A .  L. & E.
Bill Text
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Would expand the definition of “public works,” for the purposes of provisions relating to the prevailing rate of per diem wages, to also include any construction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under private contract on a project for a charter school, as defined, when the project is paid for, in whole or in part, with the proceeds of conduit revenue bonds, as defined, that were issued on or after January 1, 2019. 
SB 1362   (Beall D) Oppose
Charter schools: petitions: fiscal impact on a school district: charter school special education local plan area study by the Legislative Analyst.
Location: 3/8/2018 - S .  ED.
Bill Text
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The Charter Schools Act prohibits the governing board of a school district from denying a petition unless it makes written factual findings, specific to the particular petition, to support one or more specific findings. This bill would instead prohibit the governing board of a school district from denying a petition unless, instead of the specific finding described above, the governing board of the school district makes a finding that the petition does not contain a reasonably comprehensive description of the means by which the charter school will achieve a racial and ethnic balance among its pupils, and a balance of pupils receiving special education services, that is reflective of the general population residing within the territorial jurisdiction of the school district. 

  6. Neutral

AB 1661   (Limón D) Neutral
School accountability: federal compliance with accountability requirements.
Location: 1/22/2018 - S .  DESK
Bill Text
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Would update cross-references to the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act as amended by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act and make various conforming changes, including adding requirements on school districts and county offices of education in regards to written parent and family engagement programs, thereby imposing a state-mandated local program. This bill contains other existing laws. 

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3/21/2018 2:09:43 AM

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