Ballot Initiative: "Elimination of Charter Schools"

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CCSA Tracking Proposed Anti-Charter Ballot Initiative

On February 8, 2016 Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced that a potential ballot measure, the Elimination of Charter Schools Initiative was cleared to begin collecting petition signatures for possible inclusion on the November ballot. This initiative is in the beginning stages, and will need at least 365,880 valid signatures before it can qualify for the ballot. CCSA has been actively tracking the progress of this measure, and at this time we have no indication that the proponents have the backing or resources necessary to actually qualify the measure nor to launch a campaign for its passage.

In response to the filing, CCSA prepared the following statement:

"The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) vehemently opposes the Elimination of Charter Schools ballot initiative that is currently circulating that would repeal the laws governing charter schools. We believe that this is an extreme measure that is clearly out of touch with the families of nearly three quarters of a million students in charter schools or on charter school waiting lists, as well as with the strong majority of California voters who are clearly supportive of charter schools.

Not only does this measure go against popular public sentiment on charter schools, but, if passed, it would incur a significant cost to taxpayers to implement it and it would close over 1200 charter schools, wreaking havoc on families in virtually every community in California.

While we would expect that an irresponsible initiative of this kind will struggle to find any meaningful support in this state, CCSA will remain diligent to provide whatever protection is necessary to make sure that California charter schools keep on stride for creating even more high quality public school options for children and families in the future."

What Actions Can You Take?

We will continue to diligently track, and keep you abreast of, the progress of this proposed ballot initiative and any opportunities to push back on this measure. In the meantime, we encourage you to make your voices heard. Share your personal experiences and the reasons why you support charter schools. Spread the truth about charters by dispelling common myths put forth in this proposed initiative.

You can also visit our partner organization, CCSA Advocates, to learn about additional efforts being undertaken in response to this initiative.

For more information on the ballot initiative, please read the Secretary of State's Press Release.

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