9/24/10 Charter News Round-Up

September 24, 2010

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Charter Schools Better Equipped for Budget Woes

Despite a budgetary crisis that continues to plague the state, charter schools in California are expected to grow significantly this year. Because of their autonomy, charter schools are better able to deal with potential cuts, and keep them away from the classrooms, generating new strategies to continue the expansion many parents are communities are asking for. California Watch has the articles in English and Spanish.

Teacher Grants

The federal government announced this week the winners of the Teacher Incentive Fund Grant, including the ARISE High School charter network in Alameda County. The funds are used to improve teacher instruction, including mentoring and coaching classes. The Santa Maria Times has the story.

Charter School Challenges With Facilities

Charter schools continue to encounter obstacles when securing facilities for their students. Every year, charter schools in California apply to their individual districts for "reasonably equivalent" facilities under Proposition 39, yet many districts refuse to comply. Read the Educated Guess Blog, in which John Fensterwald outlines possible solutions.

Mountain View Ponders New Charter School

A proposal to start a new charter high school in Silicon Valley is in the works, as a seasoned educator revealed plans to approach the Mountain View Los Altos High School District later this month. The One World Preparatory School would bring much needed reform, and give students and families a high-quality public school option that would require students to learn a foreign language, and take courses in that language. For more, read the article in the Mountain View Voice.

Charter School in San Diego Excels Academically

A charter high school's unorthodox teaching methods are proving successful to students. River Valley Charter School achieved the highest Academic Performance Index (API) score in their district, 920, surpassing other top high schools in the area. The charter school attributes its success to its students, whom are tasked with completing assignments at home, on their own time. 10News has the story. The new charter school San Francisco Flex Academy is also incorporating a similar hybrid curriculum. Students are given the option of over 150 courses, ranging from oceanography to graphic arts. For more on that, read the article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Charter Students Get Visit From The Jonas Brothers

A new Los Angeles-area charter school was treated to a visit by the famous trio The Jonas Brothers this week. The Los Feliz Arts Charter School opened its doors to some 513 students, and the famous trio helped ring in the new school year to emphasize the importance of education. Read more here.

University Houses Fresno Charter School

Commemorating its tenth anniversary, University High School in Fresno will give students a taste of college life, as it is now located within Fresno State University. The high school, which has focused its curriculum on college-preparedness, is one of the top performing schools in the nation. Students are required to take Advanced Placement classes, and their new location will give them the experience of a higher education. Read the article in the CSU Fresno publication Collegian.

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