Interested in Starting a Charter School?

November 1, 2010

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Join CCSA for a free four-part online webinar series called "Starting a High-Quality Charter School." The series provides participants with an understanding of the school development process and the building blocks necessary to develop a charter school.

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How to Start a Charter School
Learn the basics of charter school law and the process for starting a charter school in your community
December 1, 2010

Develop Your Founding Team
Identify the basic skills set and professional experience needed to open a high-quality charter school
December 8, 2010

Charter Petition Framework and Content
Understand the petition requirements and learn how to structure a quality charter petition
December 15, 2010

Regional Charter School Opportunities and Needs
Analyze the current charter landscape and identify local areas of charter need and opportunity
December 20-21, 2010

To register for the current series, visit our events page to sign up for each workshop. For additional information, please contact Willow Harrington.

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