19 CA Teachers, Administrators Win Scholarships to Attend Annual Charter Schools Conference

December 27, 2011

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Professional staff deserves professional benefits, and CCSA's Charter Employee Services (CES) provides benefits packages designed specifically to provide charter school employees with the peace of mind that high quality coverage is there when they need it.

One of the benefits of participation in CES is access to thousands of dollars annually in teacher scholarships and classroom grants, specifically designed to help advance continuing education and student achievement. This service is provided by the Association of American Educators (AAE) Foundation in cooperation with CCSA.

A total of 19 California charter school teachers and administrators from four schools received scholarships through CES and AAE to attend the 19th Annual California Charter Schools Conference:

  • David Beeson, Guajome Park Academy
  • Stefanie Bradshaw, SIATech, Inc.
  • Shauna Cramer, Antioch Charter
  • Jeannie Dubitsky, Antioch Charter
  • Peter Hansen, Guajome Park Academy
  • Edna Heller, Antioch Charter
  • Liz Hessom, SIATech, Inc.
  • Kevin Humphrey, Guajome Park Academy
  • Cathy Murphy, Guajome Park Academy
  • Megan O'Leary, Guajome Park Academy
  • Margaret Palisoc, Synergy Academies
  • Jenny Pena, Synergy Academies
  • Laurie Pianka, SIATech, Inc.
  • Tim Rubin, Antioch Charter
  • Elizabeth Silber, Synergy Academies
  • Ernie Silva, SIATech, Inc.
  • Gary Smith, SIATech, Inc.
  • Ron Stagg, SIATech, Inc.
  • Fidencio Vivar, Synergy Academies

"These scholarships are specifically designed to meet the needs of California's charter school educators," said Candice Lamarche, senior manager, Charter Employee Services. "In a time of budget cuts for schools, we feel this is a way to give back so these dedicated professionals can attend the exclusive charter school professional event of the year."

The 19th Annual California Charter Schools Conference is being held February 27-March 1 in Sacramento. The goal of the conference is to bring together the entire charter school community to support one another in achieving excellence in every aspect of running a school. Innovative charter leaders from throughout California present their proven strategies for increasing student achievement and closing the achievement gap; other sessions focus on balancing your budget, obtaining a new facility, creating a safe school environment, building a productive and excellent board and how to strongly advocate for you school on the local, state and federal level.

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