Meeting the Challenge: 7 Charters Win State Title I Academic Achievement Award

April 30, 2013

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Seven charter public schools with sustained progress in academic improvement among low-income students were honored with the 2012-13 Academic Achievement Award.

"California charter public schools were created to serve the needs of families who sought to provide for their children's academic success," said Jed Wallace, President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Charter Schools Association. "Research has shown that charter schools have been very effective, especially in serving those most at risk - impoverished students and English language learners. I am also pleased to see that while the criteria for the award have grown more rigorous, 8 charter schools are honored this year for Title I Academic Achievement."

According to the California Department of Education, "The Title I Academic Achievement Award is given only to schools receiving federal Title I funds as authorized by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Title I, the single largest federal educational program for K-12 public education, assists schools in meeting the educational needs of students living at or below the poverty line. Of the more than 9,900 schools in California, more than 6,000 of them participate in the Title I program.

"These schools serve students facing real challenges, and they've risen to meet them through hard work and dedication," Torlakson said. "It is inspiring to see their students achieve more in the classroom today so they can enjoy more opportunity in the years to come."

The school must demonstrate that all students are making significant progress toward proficiency on California's academic content standards. Additionally, the school's socioeconomically disadvantaged students must have doubled the achievement targets set for them for two consecutive years.

Congratulations to the 2013 Title I Academic Achievement Award-winning California charters schools:

  • Aspire Capitol Heights Academy (Sacramento, CA)
  • Aspire Titan Academy (Huntington Park, CA)
  • Environmental Charter High (Inglewood, CA)
  • Hawthorne Math and Science Academy (Hawthorne, CA)
  • King-Chavez Primary Academy (San Diego, CA)
  • NEW Academy of Science and Arts (Los Angeles, CA)
  • San Jose Charter Academy (West Covina, CA)