Urgent Action Needed to Save Facilities Funding for Charter Schools in the Tax Bill

November 28, 2017

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The recent tax bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would make it much more expensive for many charter schools to pay for their facilities. The Senate bill--which protects the financial tools that charter schools depend on to acquire, expand, and improve school space--could reach the Senate floor as early as this week. We need to act now to ensure that the Senate bill continues to protect these provisions.

Join us, in partnership with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, in taking these simple actions TODAY:

  1. Sign this call to action today.
  2. Call your legislator. A sample phone script is included below.
  3. Give the National Alliance permission to use the name of your organization on this sign-on letter. Respond to Elise@publiccharters.org by noon tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28.

As it is currently written, the Senate bill preserves Private Activity Bonds (PABs), New Market Tax Credits (NMTCs), and Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs). Last minute deal making could imperil these crucial financial tools even before the bill reaches the Senate floor. We must make clear that these financial instruments are vital to our schools and students. We must advocate for their protection in the Senate bill, and then again if the bill gets to a House-Senate conference committee.

Together we can ensure that our schools and our students have the room that they need to grow.


If you have an extra five minutes, please make a phone call to your U.S. Senator.

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
Phone: (202) 224-3841

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris
Phone (202) 224 - 3553

Hi, my name is _____ and I am a constituent from ________, California.

I am calling on behalf of 630,000 California charter school students. As a charter school supporter, I am very concerned about the new tax bill, H.R. 1.

This bill jeopardizes the ability of charter schools to access federal funding programs that help support their facilities. If this bill became law it would be devastating to charter schools and their students.

Without these tools, charter schools would have to divert significant resources away from classroom instruction into facilities, and charter school students would face the possibility of attending school in overcrowded, inadequate, and unsafe buildings.

I urge you to protect these crucial financial resources!