Webinar: Digital Marketing 101 for Charter School Growth

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Content Summary

Digital marketing, if done well, can have a positive impact on your charter school's enrollment, retention, and growth. To help you leverage the digital landscape and position your school for future success, replication, and program growth, **[Charter School Capital](https://charterschoolcapital.org/)**, an organization that delivers access to growth capital and facilities financing to charter schools nationwide, is hosting a [Digital Marketing 101 webinar](https://charterschoolcapital.org/resources/webinars/digital-marketing-101-for-charter-schools-webinar/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTkdNNU5qTmtNR1JrTmpnMCIsInQiOiJpSDFWVkd0ZGE0eVE0cHBrd1pCcDNCZnRoSFhQYzF4YWZYT1RQMXF6cnJFdW5zUFwvUHB4K3oxeUsyaVd2U0dvY0RLNlp0MjIzdXh2c1AyVklLNVwvXC92MXpENTdVSFljSHNjSUQ0UmlESktDUWFoZHR0UXhacktCQUhScHExZVVkZyJ9) for charter schools this **Wednesday, Aug. 16 at 9 a.m. PST.**