Curriculum and Special Programs

One key benefit of starting a charter school is the ability to develop curriculum that addresses state standards in a creative, yet effective, way. This can extend beyond the school day into after school time, and preschool programs. This section provides information on A-G requirements and the University of California course approval procedures, as well as tips for starting and funding an after school or preschool program.

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Resources to Support Charter School Curriculum

  • Common Core
  • Linked Learning
    In depth look at the core components and principles of Linked Learning (previously known as Multiple Pathways), how it works, proven benefits, and ways to establish a similar program.
  • Career Technical Education
    The mission of Career Technical Education (CTE) is to provide industry-linked programs and services that enable all individuals to: achieve their career goals, become economically self-sufficient, compete in the global marketplace, and contribute to the state's economic prosperity.
  • Outline of A-G Requirements and Submission Procedures
    This outline introduces the "a-g" course requirements, the process of submitting courses for approval, provides an overview of what the UCOP focuses on in the review process, and briefly touches on WASC accreditation.
  • Sexual Health Education
    Since California's charter schools have great latitude and flexibility with regard to curriculum design, the passage of the standards provides a significant opportunity for charters to institute new sex education instruction or review and revise existing instruction.

Resources to Support Special Programs at a Charter School

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