Parent Policies

Charter schools also often adopt parental involvement policies, either separately or as part of the student and family handbook. Such policies primarily discuss schools' expectations for parent participation or volunteer hours.

Schools should work with legal counsel in developing their policies and should avoid instituting any mandatory "buy-out" program in lieu of volunteer hours. A school may also choose to develop a "compact" signed by its families which discusses the families' expected commitments to the school.

The following is a sampling of selected parent policies adopted by charter schools. These documents are meant to be a guide only, and must be carefully reviewed and tailored to suit charter schools' unique programs and cultures.

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Parent Involvement

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PDF: 5 pages. 146 kB

Sample policy regarding expectations for parent involvement at a charter school

Published November 27, 2014. Last Modified November 27, 2014

Family Participation Policy

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PDF: 4 pages. 118 kB

Sample Family Participation Policy for a K-8 charter school inviting families to participate in the operation of the school in an integral way and in self-improvement programs or events that can enhance a child's home learning environment

Published December 16, 2015. Last Modified December 16, 2015

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