San José Charter School Consortium

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The San José Charter School Consortium is a coalition of high-quality charter schools and charter school advocates who have a similar vision to increase college success for all - particularly low-income students of color. The Consortium's mission is to increase college success rates in low-income communities in San José through the development of high performing charter schools.

The members of the Consortium are ACE, Alpha Public Schools, Cornerstone, Downtown College Prep, KIPP Bay Area, Navigator, Rocketship Education, Summit Public Schools, Voices College-Bound Academies, Innovate Public Schools, and People Acting in Community Together), along with CCSA.

The San Jose Charter School Consortium currently has 34 schools and serves more than 10,000 students in Santa Clara County.

The Consortium goals are:

Strengthen the Charter Environment and Advocate for Education Reform
- Strengthen working relationship with districts
- Support and identify long-term facilities solutions
- Get the community excited about charters as essential to SJ/SV2020 and improved education
- Support local and statewide advocacy efforts
Increase the number of great schools and remove barriers to growth
- Support responsible replication/expansion of Consortium schools and of other high quality charters
- Support the cultivation of strong parent leaders and ambassadors
- Work collectively for fair authorizer policies and support statewide legislation as appropriate
Support Quality
- Maintain/Build a strong network of high quality charter partners
- Share best practices in areas such as operations, parent engagement and leadership - Engage in collective problem-solving
- Re-commit to SJ/SV020 initiative to Close The Achievement Gap (CTAG)
Encourage Accountability
- Commit to implementing quality control/green-lighting processes for growth/expansion that includes student performance standard
- Assess/review student achievement outcomes and college readiness in a transparent manner annually
- All are on track to meet SJ2020 CST goals

The Consortium will accomplish its mission by:

  • Having high standards and accountability measures for academic and organizational performance
  • Working together to promote the growth of high-quality charter schools
  • Engaging parents as leaders and advocates
  • Gaining local and national champions among city and community leaders
  • Increasing the public awareness of charter schools and the charter school movement city-wide

For more information, contact Danyela Egorov, Regional Director, Santa Clara County.

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