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With nearly 1,200 schools in operation and a waitlist of over 150,000, the California charter school market is stable and growing. Businesses and nonprofit service providers are more excited than ever to work with CCSA member schools.

Charter Advantage

CCSA's Charter Advantage program leverages the combined purchasing power of CCSA member schools to negotiate exclusive partnerships, saving your school time and money on common-need products and services. CCSA partners undergo a thorough RFP process. As a result, CCSA member schools access better pricing and benefits than would be available on their own.

Online Vendor Directory

CCSA's online vendor directory links you to a broad marketplace of businesses and nonprofits that show their commitment to the movement by joining CCSA. While CCSA Vendor Members are not screened, many have experience working with member schools. Search now to find the specialized products and services you need.

Have a Great Vendor Experience? Refer a Vendor.

Do you have a business or nonprofit you think other charter schools should know about? Please let us know by submitting a Vendor Referral Form to Joe Harrington. Such referrals will accompany their listing in our online vendor directory.

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