Charter Advantage


Charter Advantage is a group purchasing program designed to help member schools save money on charter-relevant products and services.

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What is Charter Advantage?

Participating CCSA members have saved over $2 million since 2009 by leveraging the combined purchasing power of CCSA.

CCSA wants you, our member schools, to have more opportunities to save money. Even a relatively small decrease in expenses can have an impact. For example, if a school with a budget of $3 million saved just 1% off their total expenses, it might translate into enough per-pupil funding for 4 more students, or half the salary of a teacher.

Because of this potential for savings, CCSA has developed the Charter Advantage program. By leveraging the purchasing power of you, our member schools who serve most of California's 400,000+ public charter school students, CCSA will negotiate contracted discounts for charter-school focused products and services.

Questions? Please contact Joe Harrington, Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Start Saving Today with Charter Advantage

Our list of current Charter Advantage partners is below. CCSA works closely with our partners so they can help your school make smart purchasing decisions.

Business Interiors by Staples (School Furniture)

  • Contract pricing on more than 250 contract furniture manufacturers
  • Exceptional delivery + installation with one trusted dealer
  • Single accountable point of contact

To order furniture at special CCSA member pricing or for additional information, please contact

CDW-G (Technology: Hardware and Software)

  • Discounts of up to 13% on technology brand names you know, like Adobe, Google, HP, Microsoft and Samsung
  • Free ground shipping
  • A dedicated CDW-G account team that leads the industry in public sector customer service and product knowledge

To order with your pre-negotiated member discount, please contact Jeff Polk at 312.705.4094 or Be sure to mention you want the CCSA contract.


Classroom Library (Trade Books)

  • 35% off of regular prices (an additional 5% vs. their standard discount)
  • Volume-based discounts based on large orders
  • Free shipping

Please contact Ben Conn at 888.318.2665 or Mention you are a CCSA member and they will assist you in finding a solution that works.

Grainger (Maintenance, Repair and Operations)

  • Up to 61% off retail prices on the top 180 core K-12 items
  • 10% off of Grainger's retail price on all everyday purchases
  • Volume-based discounts on large orders

To start purchasing with your pre-negotiated discounts, please contact Brian Driskell at (775) 219-9005 or Mention you are CCSA member.

Hertz Furniture (School Furniture)

  • Savings up to 68% off list price
  • Free layout, design and planning services
  • 15-year, 25-year and lifetime warranties

To order furniture at special CCSA member pricing or for additional information, please contact Gabriel Swartz at 800.526.4677 x 1112, or

Lands' End (School Uniforms)

  • Up to 30% discount on large/bulk orders for your school
  • Easy online ordering for your parents via a customized website
  • Special promotions for your families
  • Gift Card rewards program for your school
  • Classroom, P.E., Spirit, and Staff wear programs

To enroll your school or for additional information, please contact Jose Quiaoit at 916.385.1362 or

S&S Worldwide (School Supplies and Physical Education Equipment)

  • 25% Minimum Discount Pricing with Discounts as high as 75% on most popular items
  • Free Standard Ground Shipping, orders ship within 1 business day
  • No minimum order

To insure your school is enrolled for the program or for additional information, please contact your Program Manager Ryan Testa at 800-642-7354 x2599, or

Staples Advantage (Office and Classroom Supplies)

  • Special discount pricing for CCSA Members, significantly below retail pricing
  • Free next-day delivery
  • Easy online ordering
  • Customizable core list pricing on the items your school buys most
  • No-obligation, cost-comparison on current school supply purchases

For additional information or questions, please contact your dedicated account manager, Tom Croley at 415-273-5032 or

Questions? Please contact Joe Harrington, Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Learn how to Partner with CCSA

Charter Advantage provides an attractive proposition for both member schools and product/service providers.

  • For member schools, Charter Advantage will save precious time and money
  • For product/service providers, Charter Advantage provides a more effective, efficient way to reach California public charter schools

CCSA will select suppliers which offer charter school-relevant products and services after a thorough evaluation process.

Open RFPs

None at this time.

Evaluation and Selection Process

1. Needs Assessment

  • CCSA has formed an advisory committee comprised of school members and vendor members to provide programmatic guidance and decision support.
  • Ideas and leads will come from a variety of sources including CCSA's school members, vendor members and CCSA staff. Members will be able to suggest specific categories or potential suppliers to the advisory committee, CCSA's website, surveys and direct contact with CCSA staff.
  • CCSA will conduct market research based on member interest, savings opportunity, and market competitiveness to determine feasibility of each suggested contract category.

2. Strategic Sourcing

  • Once CCSA decides to pursue a contract, the next step is to define the product or service specifications to best meet member needs. CCSA will utilize direct member outreach, member surveys, advisory committee input and industry benchmarks.
  • CCSA will use various methods to identify and source potential suppliers including the solicitation of existing marketplace providers, Internet research and member suggestions.

3. Request for Proposals

  • Potential suppliers will enter into a competitive bidding process in any instance where more than one supplier can provide a proposal that meets the desired product/service specifications. A formal RFP process will be used when necessary and feasible.
  • In order to be considered in the award process, each supplier must meet certain minimum criteria that will be identified though the strategic sourcing/due diligence process. For example, if an exclusive contract is to be available to the entire CCSA membership, the awarded supplier must be able to deliver its product or service to every CCSA member.

4. Selection/Negotiation

  • Prospective partners must meet the standard terms and conditions of CCSA's group purchasing contract and any other minimum criteria established during the strategic sourcing phase.
  • The contract award will be based on a number of different selection criteria including: advisory committee input, pricing, service, quality, reputation, value-added services, contract terms and conditions, etc.
  • CCSA will evaluate all prospective supplier proposals based on total cost and overall benefit to the membership, not just line item pricing. Selection criteria will be clear to all participating suppliers at the time of bid/proposal solicitation.

5. Execution

  • After the award, CCSA will work closely with the awarded supplier(s) to develop a plan to maximize member awareness, participation and visibility.

6. Feedback loop

  • Members will be able to suggest specific categories or potential suppliers to the advisory committee, CCSA's website, surveys and direct contact with CCSA staff.

Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct

The Charter Advantage process will operate in accordance with the following code of conduct:

  1. The needs of CCSA's member schools will take precedence over all other considerations.
  2. All competitive prospect partners will be given equal consideration in each contracting category.
  3. All open RFP's will be posted on CCSA's website in advance of an award.
  4. CCSA staff with influence over contracting decisions will not accept gifts of greater than a nominal value from suppliers that have or wish to have a group purchasing relationship with CCSA.
  5. Each contracting category will have a standardized administrative fee (the fee is not a variable component of the award) that will be declared in advance of the competitive bidding process.
  6. A vendor's other business relationships with CCSA (such as conference sponsorship or vendor guide participation) will have no influence on contract award decisions.

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