Charter School Membership

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Charter School Membership opens the door to information, products and services that increase academic and operational success while saving your school time and money.

As a School Member, you also help the entire charter school movement because the backing of over 800 California charter school members strengthens our advocacy work in the legislature, courts, and the executive branch. With you, our voice will be louder, our power will be greater, and our children will get the quality education they rightfully deserve.

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Member Benefits Include:

Advocacy for your school and the charter school movement including:

Information and resources including:

  • technical assistance
  • replication support and development resources
  • tools for strategic planning and renewal
  • publications and newsletters to keep you up to date

Financial, facilities and legal services including:

Support Finding a Vendor including:

Training & Professional Development including:

Member discounts to the California Charter Schools Conference

Academic Accountability

CCSA is serious about ensuring that the movement creates significantly better learning opportunities than are available within the traditional public school system for our students. To that end, CCSA is taking a lead role in assessing charter school quality and ensuring appropriate accountability within the movement by establishing clear and transparent academic performance expectations for charter schools.

Learn more about CCSA's Accountability Strategy. By becoming a CCSA member, your school commits to do its part to ensure academic accountability.

CCSA Billing

School member terms are on a calendar basis (January 1 - December 31).

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