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From pencils to financial services, charter schools need it all. With over 1,200 schools in operation and hundreds more on the way, charter schools are a growing market. Ensure your company is top-of-mind for charter school developers, operators, educators, and support organizations by becoming a member of CCSA.

As a Vendor Member, your organization will receive opportunities throughout the year to support charter decision-makers through CCSA events and our interactive website. CCSA staff also offers training for Vendor Members at the annual California Charter Schools Conference on how to market to charter schools.

Other Vendor Member benefits include the following:


Compare membership benefits by level

CCSA builds trust and opens the lines of communication between charter school leaders and the vendor community, and encourages member schools to support the organizations that support them.

Existing vendor members are encouraged to have your charter school clients complete and send a referral form. These peer recommendations are included with your listing on our website and help you tell your company's story.

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Sign up for Vendor Membership in 5 easy steps:

  1. Review the comparison chart above and select a membership level.
  2. Submit your application to
  3. The membership team will review your application.
  4. Vendors will be contacted for an introductory screening call*.
  5. Once a vendor is approved for membership, a payment link or invoice will be sent.

*Select vendors will be accepted based on need of service/product, experience working with charter schools, referrals, and gaps in CCSA's directory.

  • Apply for membership! Contact
    Phone Number: (213) 244-1446
  • Already a member? Manage your membership here.
  • CCSA Billing: Vendor member terms are on a calendar basis
    (January 1 - December 31) Dues may be subject to pro-ration.

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