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Charter schools are the public schools that kids are waiting to get into.

Too many students are stuck on charter school wait lists across California. Families can't keep waiting. As a state, we must make it easier to open charter schools, so that California kids can get the quality education they need right now. If our kids do better, we all do better.

No student should have to wait to get a great education. Do you agree?

Get the facts:

158,000 students are on wait lists for California charter schools. That's an average of 133 students at each charter school. How many kids are on charter wait lists in your region?

  • Greater Los Angeles: 53,200 students
  • Southern California: 36,200
  • Northeast California and the Central Valley: 42,800
  • North Coast and the Bay Area: 26,700
  • Greater San Diego: 5,400

Download this fact sheet to learn more.

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Sample Facebook Post: Thousands of Parents Are Waiting for More Charter Schools!
It's true! Around 158,000 parents in California alone are on waiting lists to enroll their children in a charter school. At the moment, there are simply not enough charter schools to meet the overwhelming demand of parents who have heard about all the wonderful things charter public schools do for students. We hope with this knowledge, incredible education leaders out there like you will start one to feed the need! Watch our #TruthAboutCharters video http://bit.ly/1OR3eh7.

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