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ICMYI: Southern California News Group: Anti-charter school bills will scuttle competition, limit choice

April 19, 2019

Assemblyman O’Donnell Tables Series of Bills Supporting Lowest-Performing Students After Editorial Runs

SACRAMENTO, CA –  Last week, a group of Sacramento politicians put politics before kids, voting for a package of bills aimed at killing California’s charter public schools in the Assembly Education Committee.

This week, while California’s Legislature is on spring break, the Southern California News Group Editorial Board weighed-in on the fight.

Running the editorial in 11 different papers throughout Southern California, including the hometown paper of Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell, the Editorial Board had this to say about Assembly Bills (AB) 1505, 1506 and 1507:

 “California’s charter-school movement has made remarkable progress in providing a quality education for some of the state’s neediest students.

However, its long, successful journey — sparked by landmark 1992 legislation that made it relatively easy to start charter schools — has run into an existential threat that has rightly been referred to as “Charter-mageddon” …” 

The Editorial Board then called out AB 1505’s author - Assemblyman O’Donnell - stating that:

“AB1505’s author complains the current system “has led to unprecedented growth of charter schools in California.” The clear intent of all these bills is to stop their growth and leave parents with no alternative other than their local public school.”

Hours after the editorial condemning these bills (and their authors) ran, something peculiar happened in Sacramento.

Chair of the Assembly Education Committee Patrick O’Donnell suddenly decided that the Committee would no longer hear a series of bills that would allocate funding to California’s lowest-performing students, which includes African American students. The bills – including AB 575, which is sponsored by CCSA -  were scheduled to be heard next Wednesday, April 24th.

Why Assemblyman O’Donnell – a former teacher with over 20 years of experience - abruptly decided to table the series of bills that would help California’s lowest-performing students, while simulatenously advancing a series of bills that would rip options and opportunity away from the parents and kids who need them most is unclear.

But his commitment to protecting the interests of the bureaucratic status quo? Now that’s something we can see right through.

Click here to learn more about how AB 1505, 1506 and 1507 and SB 756 will negatively impact charter public schools in California.

About California's Charter Schools Association: 
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