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CCSA Responds to CA Assembly Vote in Support of Anti-Charter Legislation

May 23, 2019

 SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) responded to the Assembly vote to advance Assembly Bill (AB) 1505. The following statement is from Myrna Castrejón, president and CEO, CCSA:

“We are deeply dismayed by today’s vote which demonstrates a limited understanding and respect for the needs of public school families and students across the state. Over the last several weeks, thousands of families have called their legislators, visited district offices and rallied at the Capitol opposing legislation, including AB 1505 that could close good public schools that are helping students learn and thrive.

This divisive bill is politically motivated and a slap in the face to parents and families who deserve to choose the best school for their children. The needs of our students should always come before politics. We must work together to balance the very real needs of local school districts with the needs of our students who deserve schools where they can learn and thrive. This is especially important in communities where good schools are too few.”