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Statement by CCSA regarding OUSD’s Reparations for Black Students Resolution

February 11, 2021

OAKLAND, CA – California Charter Schools Association President and CEO Myrna Castrejón issued the following statement regarding the “Reparations for Black Students” Resolution No. 2021-0037 scheduled to be introduced at today’s Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board meeting.

“CCSA agrees we must focus on the critically important issue of education equity for underserved communities, invest additional resources, and promote policies that improve outcomes and opportunities for Oakland’s Black students.

“However, we believe that this common ground should unite us as a public school community, not pit us against each other. Since 2013, charter public schools have served an increasingly larger number of Black students, growing from 2,630 to 3,403 in 2020. Parents, not labor unions, have the right to decide what is the best education option for their child and we must ensure each child access to high-quality schools. This resolution disregards the rights of the Black children and families in Oakland charter schools. We urge you to work with Black charter leaders, Black charter parents, as well as Black traditional public school leaders and parents to draft a resolution that meets the needs of all of the Black children in Oakland, regardless of where their parents chose to send them for school. Proposing policies that undermine and limit access to resources will hurt the Black families OUSD says they care about and want to help.

“Oakland charter public schools are not in competition with traditional public schools, we are partners. Traditional public school teachers and charter public school teachers are all committed to providing a first-class education. It is shameful that in the middle of a national pandemic, union-aligned district leaders use such fear tactics to attack charters and mislead families. Right now, we must work together on behalf of the kids and families we all serve and offer real education opportunities to families that are struggling.”