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Legal Advocacy

Navigating a Complex Environment

Legal challenges continue to be a major obstacle for charter schools. Many are forced to divert financial resources away from important educational programs in order to address issues such as overregulation by authorizers, facilities inequities and authorization challenges. We strive to correct these inequities by advocating for equal legal foundations for charter schools.

Charter Schools Legal Defense Fund

CCSA established the Charter Schools Legal Defense Fund (LDF) with the goal of providing California charter school students continued access to programs, facilities, and resources needed for a high-quality education. With support from the LDF, we’re dedicated to helping member schools achieve financial stability and support when facing a burdensome legal landscape. In addition to monitoring and participating in State and Federal cases that are focused on charter school issues, the Fund expands charter schools’ legal capacity by offering temporary financial relief for costly legal bills.

Securing Equitable Facilities

The passage of Proposition 39 in 2000 required school districts to provide “reasonably equivalent” facilities for charter school students. Despite this landmark law, the process of procuring facilities for charter schools is fraught. Districts are often in noncompliance with the law, leaving kids few options for the next school year. And even when securing academic space, schools also often face challenges in securing access to basic amenities like cafeterias, recreational areas and libraries.

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