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Charter Schools Are Accountable

Our schools put the needs of students first. Every family who sends their students to a charter school made a choice to be there – and will choose another public school if their needs aren’t met. To ensure charter schools meet that high standard for all families, they are accountable to state and federal public education laws and undergo extensive oversight by a local charter authorizer, which is often the local school board.

Flexibility + Accountability = Outcomes for Students

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Accountable to Student Success

Charter schools are free from the red tape that gets between students, teachers, and learning. In exchange, our schools are held to high performance standards. As a result, charters are launching bright futures and sending more kids to college, especially in underserved communities.

Why Accountability Matters

Academic accountability is a key ingredient in the success of California's charter schools and the students they serve. Charter school students are thriving academically, in part, because clear minimum performance standards have created an environment of flexibility in exchange for accountability. Over the years, high performing charter schools have flourished and many underperforming schools have closed.

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