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CCSA membership is the first step in ensuring you have the information, resources and opportunity to deliver a high-quality education that students deserve. We offer three versions of membership.

Charter School Membership

As a charter school member, you have access to the full benefits of a regionalized and statewide advocacy network, legal support, vendor selection support, training & professional development and much, much more.

Charter Developer Membership

Are you preparing to open a charter school? Through a Charter Developer Membership, you get a leg up in developing a strong and fully-compliant petition with a higher likelihood of being approved by local authorizers. We are the only organization in the state offering this level of support to new charter school developers.

Vendor Membership

Whether it’s pencils or financial services, charter schools have a consistent need for vendor solutions. Our vendor membership provides school service companies an opportunity to be top-of-mind for our charter school members, providing access to our Vendor Directory.

Our vendor membership benefits chart can be found here.   

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